St. Joseph College of Education is a Catholic institution established for initial preparation of teachers. The College is religiously pluralistic. Students of different religious beliefs are admitted to the college and are allowed to practice their faith without any constraint. The Catholic Church, the founder of the College, is very accommodating and respects the right of all persons to freely worship.
Recognizing the fact that God, the Creator, is the Father of all, authorities in the College ensure that no Staff member or student is discriminated against on the basis of his or her religious background. According to the statistics available, Islam and Christianity are the only religions currently practiced in the College. Muslim students and staff members have a decent place for their daily prayer in fulfillment of the Salat.
Among the Christians, there are different denominations and associations. Members of these denominations meet in the evenings of some selected days to pray and share the word of God. The following are the recognized denominations and Associations in the College:

  1. Association of Catholic Teacher Trainees (ACTT)
  2. Ghana National Association of Adventists Students(GNAAS)
  3. Pentecostal Students Movement
  4. Pentecost Students Association(PENSA)
  5. Ghana Methodists Students Union (GAMSU)
  6. National Union of Presbyterian Students (NUPS-G)

One week is set aside in each month for members of the various denominations to come together to pray and reconcile. During the week of Prayer and Reconciliation, individual denominational activities are suspended. This has brought a strong bond among all members of the various denominations.
We have sustained the great tradition of celebrating the life of the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, and Patron Saint of the College. A whole week is set aside for this celebration. Both Staff members and students participate actively in the annual St. Joseph Week Celebration. Programmes outlined for the Celebration are always geared towards the holistic formation of students; to have well-formed conscience and imitate St. Joseph, Husband of Mary.

school chaplain

Rev. Fr. Martin Y. Adjei (Chaplain)