First Semester Acadamic Calender For 2019/2020

Academic Calendar for Second Semester



5th Sept-8th Sept, 2019

Workshop for tutors for year1 semester 1

2nd-6th Sept, 2019

B.Ed. Sandwich students End-Of-Semester Exams

6th-10th Sept,2019

Subject-Based/Item writing workshop for B.Ed. Programme

7th Sept-21st Sept,2019

B.Ed. Levels 100, 200 & DBE 300 End-of- First/Second Re-sit examinations

9th Sept,-12th Sept, 2019

Workshop for Librarians/QA/Assessment Officers etc

22nd Sept-27th Sept,2019

Residential marking of Re-sit examinations

23th Sept-27th Sept, 2019

College-Based Teaching practice orientation for level 300DBE students

29th Sept- 2nd Oct.,2019

Teacher Professional Development sessions manual training (level 100)

29th Sept-5th Oct. 2019

Residential marking of B.Ed. examinations (sandwich programme)

1st Oct,.-4th Oct, 2019

Workshop on Assessment policy (Principals, V.Ps/ QA, Academic Officer/ College Sec.)

4th Oct, 2019

Publication of Re-sit examinations Results

7th Oct. 2019

Level 100 & 200 B.Ed. students reopen for first semester (2019/2020 academic year)

7th Oct-11th Oct 2019

Observation session for level 300 DBE students on school attachment

7th-11th Oct, 2019

Orientation and registration of Year 1 semester 1 courses

7th Oct, -18th Oct, 2019

STS orientation for level 200 B.Ed. Students for 2019/2020 academic year.

7thOct-25th Oct,2019

Registration of level 100 & 200 B.Ed. students for 1st semester courses

14th Oct, 2019

Lectures begin for the semester

21st Oct,-2019

STS in schools begin

27th Oct, -Nov,2919

Moderation of items for B.Ed./DBE examinations.

29th Oct-2019

Awards committee meeting to consider exams results

28th-29th Oct, 2019

College based workshop for mentors in partner schools

1st-2nd Nov, 2019

Fresher’s Games

3RD NOV, 2019


11th-15th Nov,2019

Zonal-based quizzes for Level 100 & 200 B.Ed students

11th-22nd Nov. 2019

First Continuous assessment for level 100 B. Ed. Students

12th November 2019

Workshop on the use of College Corporate email accounts

23rd Nov.-16th Nov, 2019

B.Ed. sandwich Re-sit exams

25th Nov. 2019

Deadline for payment of B.Ed./DBE exams fees

28th Nov. 2019

First Professional Board Meeting(UCC)

30th Nov. -1st Dec. 2019

30th Nov. -6th Dec,2019

Inter-Hall Games

Monitoring and mentoring activities (Teaching, STS, and C.A)

7th Dec. 2019

Lecture / Debate / Symposium for student

8th December, 2019

Carols Night

10th Dec. 2019

Workshop on the use PowerPoint presentation for staff

16th Dec-20th Dec, 2019

Mid-semester/CA - quiz for level 100 & 200 B.Ed. students

21st Dec, 2019-13th Jan, 2020

Christmas break for Level 100 & 200 B.Ed. students

1st Jan-3rd Jan,2020

B.Ed. Sandwich-Monitoring/quiz)

13th Jan, 2020

Level 100 & 200 B.Ed. students return to campus for second session of the 1st semester

11th Jan. 2020

Lecture/ Debate / Symposium

17th Jan, 2020.

Workshop on the use of communication and e-classroom management tools such as Edmodo, ClassDojo for academic staff

18th Jan, 2020

Lecture/Debate/Symposium for students

19th-22nd Jan, 2020

Workshop on Assessment in Higher Education for Academic and Administrative staff of COE

27th Jan-31st Jan, 2020

Colleges key in CA scores for 1st Semester (B.Ed. Level 100 & 200)

1st Feb. -15th Feb, 2020

Level 100 & 200 students begin End-Of-First Semester Examinations

9th Feb, 2020

Team leaders report for coordination

10th Feb, 2020

Arrival of examiners

11th-18th Feb, 2020

Marking of End-of-First Semester exams(residential/ take home)

15TH FEB, 2020


20th-25th Feb, 2020

Auditing of 1st Semester Results

27th-28th Feb, 2020

Academic Board Meeting to consider results of 1st Semester exams of COEs

27th -29th Feb, 2020

Workshop for tutors teaching year 1 Semester two.

2nd March, 2020


Yellow Colour for KNUST Programme
Pink Colour for UCC Programmes
Plain Colour for UCC/KNUSt and College